Corporate filming - specialising in video for the cruise ship industry

We have produced passenger safety and on-board training films for clients including

Corporate films specialising in video for the cruise ship industry

The Team

We work with a nucleus team of just three or four people, and can usually complete a safety or training video project in two or three days. Naturally we bring all necessary equipment, and handle all the logistics of providing the film crew, equipment and any additional actors or extras. After filming, it normally takes two to three weeks to produce the finished video.


The cost and logistics of filming are affected by several factors. Firstly, where the ship will be at the time of the filming, which country, and whether it is stationary or moving. Secondly, whether you wish to use only professional actors, or also members of your own staff and crew. Also, whether you want background 'extras' to play passengers; either a large number to represent a busy ship, or perhaps fewer performers, but combined with incorporating real passengers into the filming. Variations of all of these have worked successfully.


Presentation of scenarios can be as simple as images over a spoken voiceover; or more complicated, involving crewmembers performing their duties, actors playing speaking passengers, a 'presenter' actor addressing the camera, etc.

Drone Shots

Unless regulations prevent it, filming with a drone is highly recommended, as drone shots can really enhance the look of a film.

Graphics & Animation

Often information such as which electric items are permitted on board, the position and location of areas and features, or what may or may not be flushed down the toilet, etc, can effectively be illustrated by simple or animated graphics.


All of the above can be achieved at a realistic and accessible cost. Please let us know your requirements and we can prepare a quote for you.

Aidan Bell

Aidan trained as a musical theatre performer, and worked for many years both in his home country, England, as well as living and working in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In Germany he met his future wife, Conny Heim, who has now spent 25 years in the cruise industry, the last 15 with River Advice. During the 2000s, while still performing, Aidan developed a side business multi-camera filming stage productions and editing and producing DVDs. After filming more than a hundred shows, he moved into corporate videography, and through his wife's interest in the river cruise business, now specialises in making films for the cruise industry.